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Ludo Set - Hand Embroidered

Ludo Set - Hand Embroidered

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Embark on a journey through Gujarat's cultural tapestry with this captivating Ludo set, a fusion of tradition and artistry. Crafted by rural and tribal artisans, the game board dazzles with patchwork and Rabari embroidery, known for its vibrant hues and symbolic motifs depicting nature and folklore. Each player, delicately fashioned from hand-embroidered betel nuts, holds within it the stories and traditions of generations, inviting players to immerse themselves in the rich heritage of Gujarat with every roll of the cowries.


Board - Natural Dyed Cotton
Players - Hand Embroidered Players made with Betel Nuts & Cowries


Board size - 30" x 30"
Bag Size - 9" x 9"

Other Details

Handiraft Techniques - Rabari Embroidery & Patchwork

Crafted by rural & tribal communities of Gujrat

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